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John Kimball

John Kimball

I’m a management analyst, financial and real estate investor, certified financial education instructor, personal finance blogger, and dad.

After a Master’s Degree in International Relations, I spent four decades navigating the myriad financial decisions relating to investing, renting real estate, raising a family, paying for college, stretching a dollar, and preparing for retirement. At first, this meant learning financial issues through trial and error, but later with research and study about what works in real life. As a certified financial education instructor and father of two Eagle Scouts, it became clear how little formal training most people receive in managing, saving, investing, and spending money.

To help remedy this, I have been writing about financial issues for several years on the personal finance blog, www.FinancialGuideToLife.com and have published a book with the same name.

Besides personal finance, my interests include travel, history, and technology. My favorite pastime is sitting in my garden, reading a political thriller or history book, and pretending I am really in a Japanese water garden.

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John Kimball

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