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Save Money While In College

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It’s September and that means back to school.  College is the most expensive school and while paying those college bills, you are probably wondering whether it is really worth it, so consider this: College graduates, on average, earned 56% more than high school grads in 2015, according to data compiled… Read more »

Money Management Tips for College Students

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A new college year has started and students are back on campus learning to balance study, fun, and work. They are gaining new independence and responsibility.  College is also the time when students start to practice real money skills, manage money while in college, and learn sound money management tips…. Read more »

Money Lessons for Children

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Parents have the primary responsibility for teaching children about money since few schools teach this vital subject.  The better their financial education is before they leave home, the more likely they will be financially successful as adults.  Even if parents don’t explicitly teach sound financial values, children learn by watching… Read more »

Allowances for Children

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Allowances for children can be a hot topic for children and money.  As always doing is the best way to learning and giving an allowance is a great way for children to learn about money and start practicing sound financial principles.  The best time to begin allowances for children is… Read more »

Teaching Children About Money

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Teaching children about money is primarily up to parents because few school systems teach personal finance.  Parents have so many things to teach children and sound money management skills should be among them.  How to handle money wisely is one of the most important things children need to know, both while… Read more »