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Financial Issues When Losing a Spouse

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Let’s close this series on financial issues for women with things to consider when a spouse dies.  This especially affects women, but is certainly relevant to men as well.  Statistically, women live longer than men, are younger than their husbands, and are thus more likely to outlive their husbands.  Two-thirds… Read more »

Financial Issues for Women When They Marry

Let’s continue our series on special financial issues that may especially affect women.  When people marry, they still maintain a separate credit rating.  This will now be affected by accounts that are maintained separately as well as co-signed together.  When married women choose to apply for credit, they can do… Read more »

Financial Issues for Couples – Be Prepared for Emergencies

Couples have so many financial issues to sort thru that it’s easy to ignore this one.  Be prepared for something happening to one partner.  Regardless of your age or who pays the bills, both spouses need to know what will happen if the other spouse dies.  Here is a quick… Read more »

Financial Issues for Couples

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Successfully merging finances, agreeing upon savings goals, and following a budget can greatly reduce marriage financial issues but issues can still arise and even threaten a marriage.  In fact, financial issues are the leading cause of divorce, and divorce can devastate both parties’ finances.  Stress over financial issues can make… Read more »

Options for Combining Marriage Finances

One of the most important decisions any couple must decide is how to merge their finances after marriage and how are they going to handle the bill paying.  It is important for financial harmony for each partner to have access to money for which they don’t have to answer questions,… Read more »

Pre Wedding Financial Checklist

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Wedding season draws near as surely as Spring, so let me include one more thing couples should be thinking about – how are you going to combine your finances?  Here is a checklist engaged couples should discuss before the wedding. Pre-Marriage Financial Checklist Discussion and coordination should begin even before… Read more »