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IRS Required Minimum Distribution Explanation

The next several guest blog posts are from my Dad who retired many years ago and wrote several articles to assist me in writing my book, The Financial Guide to Life.  First up is an explanation of the IRS’s Required Minimum Distribution rules for withdrawing money from your tax-deferred retirement… Read more »

Women and Retirement

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I have posted many articles about retirement, but here are issues that may have special relevance to women and retirement (although men should also pay attention).  The basic principles still apply: plan for your own retirement, start saving early, save extra, and don’t avoid all risky investments (that is stocks… Read more »

Bucket Strategy, Safely Withdraw Your Savings for Retirement Spending

Last time, we discussed how to determine how much of your savings you can withdraw in retirement while ensuring that savings will last as long as you (and your spouse) do.  Now let’s discuss retirement spending – how to manage your withdrawals from savings in retirement.  Whether you have many… Read more »

Spending Your Retirement Nest Egg – Part 2, Retirement Savings Withdrawals

How much of my retirement savings can I spend in retirement so I don’t run out of money? Last week, I discussed how to save the big money you will need to live comfortably in retirement, especially if you don’t have a pension. Now let’s turn to spending your retirement… Read more »

Spending Your Retirement Nest Egg – Part 1, Saving

I read a new recommendation for determining how much of your retirement nest egg you can spend in retirement without running out of money before you run out of life.  But before we cover the spending topic, let’s quickly summarize what you need to know about saving for retirement.  (Also… Read more »

Retirement Savings – Early and Easy

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The media has plenty of gloomy talk about the poor state of people’s retirement savings and readiness for retirement: Social Security is going bankrupt. Employers are no longer offering pensions. Millennials aren’t saving for retirement. State pension funds are underfunded. What is clear is that most people need to be… Read more »

Working After Retirement

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Working after retirement might seem contradictory at first, but plenty of people do it. reports that two-thirds of workers over 50 would like part-time retirement.  There are many reasons for working after retirement besides money including social interaction, mental stimulation, trying something new, or enjoying an old interest.  There are… Read more »