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Differences Between Debit and Credit Cards

When starting out on your financial path, you may wonder about the differences between debit and credit cards as both may be provided by Master Card, Visa, or American Express and let you charge purchases.  But there are key differences and each may have a place in your financial took… Read more »

What Graduates Should Know

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It’s that time of year when graduates are pouring out of schools everywhere and ready to start their own life adventures.  Whether you are heading home to your old room at mom and dad’s or already have that new job in hand – what should graduates know about starting out? … Read more »

Retirement Savings – Early and Easy

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The media has plenty of gloomy talk about the poor state of people’s retirement savings and readiness for retirement: Social Security is going bankrupt. Employers are no longer offering pensions. Millennials aren’t saving for retirement. State pension funds are underfunded. What is clear is that most people need to be… Read more »

Start off on the right path to financial security

When you get your first full-time job, you are earning more money than ever before, but there are more demands on your money, too.  In addition to enjoying yourself now that you got away from parents and school, you may have rent, auto payments, student loans, a credit card balance,… Read more »

Dealing with Student Loan Debt

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You may not have thought much about all those mounting student loans when you were acquiring them, but they eventually become due.  In 2013, the average student loan debt topped $28,000.  The level of student loan debt has now passed credit card debt in America and is only exceeded by… Read more »

Starting Your Financial Future With A New Job

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Let’s start the new blog at the financial beginning.  The period when you graduate from school, are young and single, and are just starting out can be both scary and exhilarating.  It will never be quite like this again, so get off to a good start.  Don’t just wait for… Read more »