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Saving your money

Saving Money Blogs – Save Early

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The Motley Fool site has an interesting article that covers two topics you may be interested in.  First it includes a graph based upon Census Bureau earnings data that shows median income of by gender and various age groups so you can see where you stand.  Secondly, it has a… Read more »

Earn More and Spend Less with Credit Unions

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Let’s continue our discussion of “where to save your money” with credit unions which usually offer higher rates to savers and lower rates to borrowers.  They are great places for savings accounts for your savings you may need in the near-term such as emergency funds, home down payments, and retirement… Read more »

New Year’s Resolution 2 – How to save money by paying yourself first using auto-pay

There are two types of “saving money”:  saving towards a goal which we will discuss here and avoid paying full price which we will discuss as resolution 4.  You will never have a shortage of goals to save for whether short-term like a wedding or vacation or long-term like retirement. … Read more »