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Spending your money

Money Checklists, Freebies, Tools, and Apps

Managing your finances well requires more than just applying sound financial principles.  I also like to use and share useful money checklists, tools, apps, and internet resources.   Today’s post includes a variety of these I have recently found.

How to Save Money on Groceries

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Groceries can be one of a family’s largest monthly expenses, but it is also the single easiest expense to save money.  There are so many ways to save that you could easily cut your grocery bill by one third.  Coupons are not the most important way to save money on… Read more »

Applying Financial Principles and Meetting Financial Goals

I discuss many personal finance principles in the Financial Guide To Life (FGTL) like reaching financial goals, but sometimes discussing theory can seem more theoretical than practical, or just too hard to actually do, like the latest diet trend.  So today’s post will be about applying financial principles and advice… Read more »

Saving Money Strategies – Comparison Shopping

Long-time readers will know that one of our key financial principles for saving money is to “avoid paying full price”.  See my posts that outline the basis strategies.  Now let’s explore some details and apps to save money more thoroughly.  Looking for sales is a great start, but you can do even… Read more »

Get Ready for Black Friday

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For many of us, the end of the year holiday season is the prime shopping season, so let’s spend a few blog posts on “spending our money” wisely.  Let’s start with some tips to get ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday after Thanksgiving Thursday.  This is a great time… Read more »

New Protection Rules for Debit Cards

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I previously covered the differences between credit and debit cards.  Now the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has finalized new rules for debit cards that are effective October 1, 2017.  Some business groups and pro-business politicians are trying to hamper the newly created agency that aims to protect consumers, but these… Read more »

Websites for Buying a Car

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I have posted an extensive series of articles about buying a car, yet I’m still amazed when something new turns up to make buying a car easier or cheaper.  I have provided plenty of tips for dealing with sales people at traditional auto dealerships and how to avoid them altogether. … Read more »

Save Money When Traveling

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Summer is here and for many families, that means traveling.  So let’s start a series on how to save money when traveling. As usual, let’s start with doing our research on the internet and comparing our options.  In addition to booking travel options, use the web to check last minute bargains,… Read more »