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How to Get Auto Insurance Reductions

Auto insurance is one of those many insurances we are required to have, but there are many ways to qualify for auto insurance reductions.  Your insurer will give some to you automatically such as bundling auto insurance with home owners insurance or being accident free.  But many other auto insurance… Read more »

Clear Data From Your Phone

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Before you sell, give away, or even trash your PC, smartphone, or tablet, you should clear all your personal data from your phone.  One of my favorite “deal” websites has an article that provides more details about how to clear data from your phone.

No Haggle Car Buying

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I previously published a series of blog posts with detailed information about how to buy a car.  Much of that dealt with how to negotiate your best deal with those sales people who negotiate deals for a living.  Most of us just aren’t into haggling and then wondering whether we got… Read more »

Save On Your Smartphone

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You may notice my trend of articles on mobile phones due to the fact that I have been researching new phones for various family members over the past several months. Here are my latest finds.  It’s now much easier to get your carrier to unlock your phone when it’s paid… Read more »

How To Buy A Car – Part 4: Skip the Negotiating

In the last installment of “How to Buy a Car“, I discussed negotiating tips that can get you a much lower price.  If you don’t look forward to negotiating, but still want to follow our rule to “avoid paying full price”, you do have options.  If all this sounds like… Read more »

How To Buy A Car – Part 3: Negotiating the Price

Today’s third part in our car buying series is on that dreaded hassle – negotiating.  But here are strategies to make it easier.  Our last two parts emphasized doing your research, so it should be no surprise, that the keys to negotiating are to do your research, know your facts… Read more »

How To Buy A Car – Part 2: Financing

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In my last post, I discussed researching your desired car before buying.  You should also research how you will finance your purchase before visiting a dealer to buy, assuming you don’t have enough cash.  Ideally, you have saved up a big pile of money for at least a big down… Read more »

How To Buy A Car – Part 1: Research

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Today I’ll start a new series on buying a car.  For something that expensive, there should be plenty of room to avoid paying full price if you do it right.  Doing it the right way means starting with research.  Whether a new or used car, buying a car may involve… Read more »