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Saving money while spending

Clear Data From Your Phone

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Before you sell, give away, or even trash your PC, smartphone, or tablet, you should clear all your personal data from your phone.  One of my favorite “deal” websites has an article that provides more details about how to clear data from your phone.

Save On Your Smartphone

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You may notice my trend of articles on mobile phones due to the fact that I have been researching new phones for various family members over the past several months. Here are my latest finds.  It’s now much easier to get your carrier to unlock your phone when it’s paid… Read more »

Apps and Websites to Save You Money

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One of the Financial Guide To Life’s basic financial principles is to “avoid paying full price”.  One of my recurring themes will be providing you websites and apps to save you money.  There are so many ways to save money with web shopping.  One of these days, I’ll pull them… Read more »

Smartphone Savings, Repairs, and Buybacks

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Family members have been having smartphone issues and here are some money saving tips I have learned.  New phones can be as expensive as PCs and laptops, perhaps not surprising since they are mini-computers with phones, flashlights, compasses, GPS features, alarm clocks, and media players, but not the kitchen sink… Read more »

New Year’s Resolution 4 – Spend Wisely by Avoid Paying Full Price

This is my recommendation for your fourth New Year’s personal finance resolution.  “Avoid paying full price” is the most fun and easiest.  Even better, it makes our other three resolutions much easier.  The more you spend wisely, the more money you have for living within your means, saving towards your… Read more »

Telephone Savings

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We haven’t yet seen simple versions of that cool Dick Tracy watch phone or the Jetson’s TV phone, but the humble telephone has changed dramatically over the past few decades with the breakup of the telephone monopoly, mobile phones, smartphones, internet calling, and VOIP phones.  T-Mobile and Sprint has injected… Read more »

Have Fun on a Budget

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There are plenty of ways to avoid paying full price on entertainment, especially in big cities.  It’s not hard to find local theater, concerts, and sports that are inexpensive – think local little theaters, colleges, high schools, and minor league sports.  As always, big cities offer more options, but that doesn’t… Read more »

How to Get Clothes for Less Than Full Price

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I’m going to devote the next series of blog posts to getting certain types of items for less than full price.  Let’s start with something that is great for gifts, growing families, or ourselves.  Clothes are an example where it’s possible to get nice discounts even on high end items. … Read more »