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More Websites to Save Money

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“Websites to save money” is one of my favorite topics, so here is a new list in no particular order of websites you should check out to save money.  See my facebook page for my more frequent finds. – Financial Aid: How to Get Financial Aid – Senior discounts… Read more »

Help to Navigate Airline Fees

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The travel arena is an area where some competition still exists, despite all the airline and hotel consolidation.  There are plenty of websites and apps to help you find the best deals and see reviews.  See my other travel blog posts here.  The airline industry is now the epitome of… Read more »

Save Money When Traveling

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Summer is here and for many families, that means traveling.  So let’s start a series on how to save money when traveling. As usual, let’s start with doing our research on the internet and comparing our options.  In addition to booking travel options, use the web to check last minute bargains,… Read more »

Saving Money at Hotels

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One of our guiding principles at the Financial Guide to Life is to avoid paying full price.    Here are my key tips for saving money at hotels: Book at hotels offering free breakfast, WIFI, and parking. Stay in the suburbs rather than big cities. Check several travel sites. Get… Read more »