Highlights from 100 Posts for Managing, Saving, Investing, and Spending Your Money

This is my ONE-HUNDREDTH post to bring you information about managing, saving, investing, and spending your money!  I hope you find something useful to save money or improve your financial future.  I will highlight below some of the most useful posts for money management.  I have also taken this opportunity to update the website’s appearance to make it more mobile friendly.  Now you can lookup information and the best money management websites as easily on your tablet and smartphone as you can on your computer.  You can search for information on this website several ways:

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Here are some of the money management articles you may find most useful.

Managing Money

Saving Money

Investing Tips

Spending Wisely

 Money Management Blog series:

I have written several money management series.


About John Kimball

Over the past few decades, I have experienced most of these financial issues with both mistakes and successes. I sure wish someone had told me these things when I was first starting out. So many times I have cried out, "I want a do over!" when I learned a new financial lesson or tip. I aim to pass along to you the financial insights I have gained from experience, reading, analysis, and living the financial aspects of managing, saving, investing, and spending your money. I am an analyst with a large organization and happily married with two children on their way to an expensive college, no doubt. I read numerous financial blogs, websites, newsletters, magazines, newspapers, and books to bring you the latest news, insights, tips, and lessons combined with decades of experience.

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