Working After Retirement

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Working after retirement might seem contradictory at first, but plenty of people do it. reports that two-thirds of workers over 50 would like part-time retirement.  There are many reasons for working after retirement besides money including social interaction, mental stimulation, trying something new, or enjoying an old interest.  There are even a variety of financial reasons including delaying Social Security to increase your monthly benefit, paying off the mortgage, getting fun money, paying for kid’s or grandkid’s college, or adding to retirement savings.

Fortunately you do have several options for working after retirement.  See if you can work part-time at your last employer.  Be a consultant in your area of expertise, starting with your last employer or contacts from your last job.  Switch careers and try something you have wanted to do.  Work at a place that interests you such as the golf course, local bar, sewing store, or pet store.  Try part-time or temporary work at a temp agency.

Here are some places to review for more information and potential employment:

Note that if you are working while receiving Social Security or an “annuity supplement” to your civil service pension, your benefits will be reduced $1 for each $2 you earn that’s over the “minimum level of earnings” ($15,720 in 2016).  This “earnings test” is in effect age 56-62 for civil service annuity supplements and age 62 to your “normal retirement age” for Social Security.

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