Introduction to “The Financial Guide To Life” Personal Finance Blog

Your financial future begins now.  Are you going to let it control you, or are you going to take control of it?  Don’t just let your finances drift along, live from paycheck to paycheck, or wait for a lucky break.  No matter what your financial situation, there are plenty of things you can do now to make your financial future brighter and the sooner you start the better off you will be.

Planning now to ensure a better future seems obvious, but too often, it’s hard to actually do.  Lack of money, knowledge, time, or incentive lets the opportunity of planning slip away until a sudden need bangs at your door.  The aim of this blog is to provide you the knowledge and tools to better prepare for and manage life’s many financial decisions.  Some things we have little control over and some a lot.  Some people will have to work harder or smarter than others to get results.  Regardless, it is possible to control your financial future and achieve your financial goals.  This blog may or may not make you wealthy, but it can certainly help bring you more financial security.

I will be discussing sound financial principles and practical tips that will improve your financial future and give you peace of mind along life’s financial journey.  I will be discussing them in detail as they apply to various stages along that journey.  But they are more than just general goals; I will be providing you detailed tips for putting them into practice with sections on managing, saving, investing, and spending your money wisely.

I especially recommend this blog to all young people, because the earlier you can start practicing sound financial principles, the better your future will be.  Therefore, I will cover topics from young people just out of school and ready to start their own path along life’s financial journey all the way to retirement.  These are the financial issues I wish someone had explained to me when I was just starting, fresh out of college with a Masters Degree.  Many times when researching this financial guide to life, I cried out, “Why didn’t someone tell me that sooner?  I want a do over!”  But it’s never too late to get control of your finances and there is always room for improvement.  I hope that no matter which stage of life you are in, you can benefit from these financial principles, tips, explanations, hard-learned wisdom, and advice to be more successful in your financial future.

I think there are three parts to managing your money:

  • Psychology – getting and maintaining the will power to do what you know you should and the won’t power for avoiding what you know you shouldn’t.
  • Knowledge – the information and principles you need to make decisions and take action to improve your financial security.
  • Tools – resources and aids that will make it easier to maintain your will power and apply your knowledge.

Being financially successful involves both knowledge and psychology.  You need the knowledge of how to be successful and the will to do it.  Plenty of financial authors and seminar instructors focus on the psychological factors of getting you to follow thru with financial advice.  I think it’s easier to want to do something when you know how, so this blog concentrates primarily on the specific knowledge and steps you should take to be financially successful.  Moreover, any task is easier with the right tools, so I will concentrate on providing you the practical knowledge you need and the tools that will make everything else easier.  In particular, I will try to bring an unprecedented effort to link to a growing wealth of internet tools, calculators, comparison aids, databases, and resources that will supplement the knowledge in this blog and make it easier to manage your money.