How to Get Clothes for Less Than Full Price

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I’m going to devote the next series of blog posts to getting certain types of items for less than full price.  Let’s start with something that is great for gifts, growing families, or ourselves.  Clothes are an example where it’s possible to get nice discounts even on high end items.  Get huge discounts on high end clothes during short, flash sales at websites such as,, and  Try on discounted, name-brand clothes at several stores including Ross, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, and of course outlet malls.

 The internet has made swapping unwanted item a growing trend.  One of the biggest swapping areas is women’s fashions.  There are a growing number of websites and mobile apps that specialize in helping women clean out or rotate the stuff in their closets, either selling like online consignment shops or swapping.  You can post your unwanted items for people to view and offer you to trade their items for a swap or digital credits you can use for things you want.  It’s still early to know which of these sites will catch on, so I suggest you search “clothes bartering websites” and get you a whole new wardrobe the inexpensive way.  Nonetheless, here are a couple to get your started:

 Remember to look for deals, coupons, and sales.  Even big name brands have sales.  One of my favorite ways to learn about deals is:

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