Save 15-20% Off Your Electricity Bill Without Sacrificing

You may have a choice of which energy company supplies your electricity and if so, you know that comparison shopping pays you in savings.  Many electricity companies have split distribution of electricity from supplying it.  Check your energy bill to see if you have a choice.  If yes, start your comparison shopping at your company’s website and search for the page that discusses your supplier options.  It should lead you to a webpage that lists all the energy suppliers that supply electricity to your area. 

Check each of their webpages for the cost per kilowatt.  Skip the ones that make your call in to find their prices.  Read the fine-print of ones that offer special incentives.  Be wary of companies that offer a very low teaser rate for a few months, before raising the rate to one higher than you had before.  I recommend you take the options to lock in your rate for 1-2 years rather than fluctuate with a different price from month to month – you don’t want to have to repeat your comparison too often.  Many companies offer “green” energy for a few cents per kilowatt more.

You can generally sign-up directly on the new company’s website for a no-hassle change and continue to get just one bill from your local company.  You will never know the difference until you look at your bill and see the new lower amount.  For example, lowering your rate even two cents per KW, say from $0.12 to $0.10 cents, equals a 17% lower bill from your supplier (your local company’s distribution portion does not change.)

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