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Managing your finances well requires more than just applying sound financial principles.  I also like to use and share useful money checklists, tools, apps, and internet resources.   Today’s post includes a variety of these I have recently found.


One of the primary principles I promote here is to avoid paying full price.  What better way to do that than getting stuff for free, so here are several recent lists I found for freebies.

30 of the Absolute Best Internet Freebies We’ve Ever Found

Money Checklists

Money checklists can simplify potentially complicated situations.  Here are many money checklists. – I posted these previously. – A whole website with checklists.

Money Apps – My wife recommends this app which shows you most of the weekly sales circulars for your area, especially useful for those of you who don’t get the Sunday newspaper.

Money tools

One of the most important steps to avoid paying full price when buying something expensive is to research and comparison shop prices and options.   The more expensive or often used the item is, the more important this step is.  A family member recently needed a new smartphone, so I developed this spreadsheet to make it easy to research and compare key smartphone features, options, and models.  You may find it useful the next time you need to research options.  I have included my completed version for mid-range phones in 2017, but you can easily delete the completed matrix and use the features list for your preferred phones and price range.  Note after my research, I outline the categories where each phone is tops.  Then it’s easy to see which phone has the most top ranked features or excels in the features you are most interested in.  Tools like this make it easy to research and compare numerous items including cars, refrigerators, houses, TVs, colleges, laptops, and anything else that has many features worth comparing.

2017 Phone comparison spreadsheet

Budget spreadsheet

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