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We haven’t yet seen simple versions of that cool Dick Tracy watch phone or the Jetson’s TV phone, but the humble telephone has changed dramatically over the past few decades with the breakup of the telephone monopoly, mobile phones, smartphones, internet calling, and VOIP phones.  T-Mobile and Sprint has injected some competition into the cost of smartphones, but they can still be expensive for both the phone and monthly plan.  The best way to save is to skip the latest models and buy the prior model.  Save even more with a refurbished phone.  Speaking of mobile phones – it’s hard to use that phrase and “savings” in the same sentence, but here are a few more tips – don’t buy your accessories at your carrier’s store or even website, save at least half by going online and search “your phone model accessories”.  Get free texting with services such as TEXTFREE for computers, Android, and iPhones ( ).

You have even better options to save with your land line phone that is still connected to those outside telephone poles.  Some people save by bundling their telephone service with their TV and internet service from the same company.  Others can save by switching to internet calling with Skype with a computer, smartphone, or tablet.  Perhaps the easiest savings come from switching to  “Voice over IP” (VOIP) calling that connects a telephone device to your internet router and uses your internet connection rather than telephone lines to connect.  Popular VOIP companies include Magic Jack, OOMA, and Vonage.  Find others and comparisons by searching “VOIP providers” to get telephone service for under $15 per month.  Other people are even ditching their landline altogether and making their mobile phone their only phone.

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