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The travel arena is an area where some competition still exists, despite all the airline and hotel consolidation.  There are plenty of websites and apps to help you find the best deals and see reviews.  See my other travel blog posts here.  The airline industry is now the epitome of nickel-and-diming customers and starting to be the model for other envious industries.  But travelers do still have choices such as really cheap Spirit Airlines tickets that charge you extra fees for even carry-on bags to Southwest Airlines that advertise that “bags fly free”.  To help navigate those choices, information for today’s post is provided by

I’m sure you know baggage fees can add up and vary between airlines.  Some deals that look great on paper might not actually be so great when you consider the cost of checking or even carrying on a bag, which is super important when you’re trying to stick to a budget.  To help you and your readers, Cheapflights has compiled a comprehensive, mobile-friendly guide to carry-on and checked baggage fee information for 79 airlines around the globe:

We all know Southwest allows two free checked bags– but what other airlines offer this perk?  The guide helps answer this question and more, along with advice on how to save on baggage fees and tips for traveling with larger items such as sporting equipment, strollers and car seats.

Cheapflights also polled 400 Americans and Canadians to get a sense of how baggage fees impact travel habits. We found:

66% of travelers preferred to carry on their luggage for domestic flights.
People were almost evenly divided with 50.5% preferring to check their baggage for international flights.
The amount people are willing to pay varies as well, with 41% willing to pay $25 or less to check their bags. At the other end of the price range, only 7% would pay $100.

I’m constantly on the lookout for new travel sites that help me find the best choices and I’ve added this one to my browser favorites.  I’m getting quite a list and someday should do a post listing those sites for easy reference.  Meanwhile, here are other websites that provide information about airline fees:

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