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Investing Fundamentals – Mutual Funds

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Let’s continue our series with investing fundamentals in a summary bullet format.  Here is a really quick summary of mutual funds.  Then review my more detailed articles for the areas that will help you invest wisely.

Where To Get Information About Mutual Funds

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Today’s post concludes our mini-series on “how to invest with mutual funds“, although in the future, we’ll discuss how “exchange traded funds” (ETF’s) provide an even cheaper way to invest in a wide verity of stock and bond funds.  Our concluding topics discuss selling funds and where to get additional information.

How To Choose the Best Mutual Funds

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After several posts about the basics of mutual funds, today we can finally get to the most important issue — how do we choose which mutual fund will be a good investment?  This is one of my most important blog posts to help you invest well.  There are thousands of… Read more »

Disadvantages To Mutual Funds

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As our series on mutual funds continues, they are probably sounding like a pretty good way to save and invest, but remember there are always at least two sides to every story, so let’s now examine the disadvantages.  The biggest disadvantage of using mutual funds for your investments is the… Read more »

Mutual Fund – Fundamentals

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In our last blog post we discussed the fundamentals of investing based upon risks versus rewards.  Now we can move into the interesting topics dealing with what kinds of investments should we consider.  Let’s skip over stocks and bonds with just the simple point that while there are many kinds… Read more »