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Reduce those annoying telemarketing calls, robo-calls, and junk texts by registering for the government’s “DoNotCall” registry.  You can register home and mobile numbers.  It only takes minutes at the Federal Trade Commission DoNotCall website:

This won’t eliminate all junk calls as there are exceptions including political calls, charitable calls, debt collection calls, informational calls, and telephone survey calls.  In addition, companies may still call if you’ve recently done business with the company, or if you’ve given the company written permission to call you.  However, if you ask a company not to call you again, it should honor your request.

Of course, you may still receive junk calls from companies that ignore the DoNotCall registry.  If you do receive these calls, then you know they are unscrupulous and no one should ever do business with them.

The FCC gets more than 200,000 complaints per year and will start making their complaint list available to others to incorporate into DoNotCall technology solutions.

It is simple to hang up on them, but consider these alternatives:

  1. Get a call blocker app for you smartphone which will automatically prevent these calls, but alas, still let them get to your voice-mail. If anyone knows of an app that will also prevent them from using your voice-mail, PLEASE LET ME KNOW, by leaving a comment.
  2. Instead of just hanging up on unscrupulous telemarketers, sometimes I turn the tables and waste their time by playing along and feigning interest. Then tell them to wait while I answer the doorbell and just put the phone down and go about my business. If everyone did this, we could greatly reduce the number of calls they could make.

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