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I have great news for my blog users!  I have switched web hosts and my blog is MUCH faster.  It has always been very slow, but got much worse recently, so I have switched to “InMotion Hosting” and am greatly pleased.  It took me most of the weekend to move my WordPress Blog and several small websites, but InMotion offered fast service, easy-to-follow instructions, and great tools.  Did I mention that it is now FAST!  So now you can explore all the articles several different ways:

  • Four menu choices showing articles for Managing, Saving, Investing, and Spending your money
  • Subcategory lists in the right sidebar
  • “Tag Cloud” showing graphically which tags have the most articles
  • Search box in the header

Now I will concentrate on getting my Facebook page setup with summaries of many of the articles from my blog.  In the future, I will use this blog for in-depth articles and the Facebook page for quick links to articles or tidbits of information to help you get and keep more of your money with greater financial security and peace of mind.

About John Kimball

Over the past few decades, I have experienced most of these financial issues with both mistakes and successes. I sure wish someone had told me these things when I was first starting out. So many times I have cried out, "I want a do over!" when I learned a new financial lesson or tip. I aim to pass along to you the financial insights I have gained from experience, reading, analysis, and living the financial aspects of managing, saving, investing, and spending your money. I am an analyst with a large organization and happily married with two children on their way to an expensive college, no doubt. I read numerous financial blogs, websites, newsletters, magazines, newspapers, and books to bring you the latest news, insights, tips, and lessons combined with decades of experience.

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